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Weight Away

Give your weight loss a push!

This tea is designed to give you the push you need in the right direction to lose weight.  Drink daily in the first few months of your journey to health, to help decrease sugar cravings, decrease appetite and mobilize fat.  Whether you have just started or you have hit a plateau, this tea can help improve your results without any nasty side-effects.

For more information on exercise, check out my blog article with FAQs About Exercise.

Ingredients: Fennel*, Blue Flag^, Gymnema*, Peppermint*, Spearmint*
This tea is not meant as a stand-alone treatment.  It is meant as an aid to push you in the right direction.  Weight loss will only occur in conjunction with good nutrition and proper exercise.  This tea is not meant for long-term use.
Do not consume if you are pregnant.  Do not attempt to lose weight until at least 6 months after childbirth as it may interfere with breastfeeding.

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